Last Minute Summer Fun

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So we’ve all survived the majority of summer, and if you’re like us, you may be running just a little low on fun activities to do before school starts again. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to fake a really great vacation nearby, or turn your own home into a fascinating world of super simple projects.

Start with a stay-cation: Staycations have all of the joy of a real vacation, but without the stress of long drives, bathroom breaks, and the constant “are we there yet?” questions. Use your yard as your very own oasis. Water balloons, squirt guns, sprinklers, bubbles, a giant bucket of chalk (don’t forget the sunscreen) are just as thrilling for kids as a beach trip – without the crowds and endless driving.

Playing at home during the summer doesn’t mean life lessons are lost on you. Set up a simple lemonade stand to teach your kids about marketing and money management – bonus if your neighborhood is filled with thirsty construction workers repairing recent storm damage. Help the kids allocate money; some to save, some to spend, and some to donate or invest in affordable stock.

Omaha is a simple location that anyone can get to without any major meltdowns from the back seat. Local restaurants and chain food establishments seem like a vacation, and anything you can’t normally eat at home counts! Slap on a plastic bib from Joe’s Crab Shack and hit up the Cheesecake factory when you’re done for a delectable dessert. If time allows, don’t forget the award winning Henry Doorly zoo. With or without kids, this is an inspiring place to spend a day.

Maybe even the drive to Omaha seems a little too daunting. Make a pit stop in Gretna for some epic shopping in the newly renovated outlet mall. Shopping is fantastic, but shopping at outlet prices is the absolute best.

Love the outdoors? You’re in luck. Mahoney state parks offers every imaginable activity, plus a fantastic restaurant to recharge your energy. Climb the viewing tower, go one a hike, swim; you simply can’t get bored. Also, consider the Izaak Walton League of America. Archery, gun range, and catch and release fishing specifically for the kids will make you feel like you’ve nailed summer fun.

Indoor Fun: When the heat gets too unbearable, and being at home just sounds so refreshing, consider making your own homemade ice cream

Another idea is to participate in the age-old experiment of baking soda volcanoes. Furthermore, if you don’t mind the mess and cleanup, this magical potato mud is mind-blowing for kids and grownups a like. Follow the directions closely and you’ll end up with a cornstarch like bit of magic that is incredibly satisfying to play with. Kids, good luck saying “I’m bored” after you’re playing with this goop between your fingers:

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