A Valentine’s night-in to remember

Couple cooking dinnerFor Valentine’s Day, you could impress your significant other with reservations and movie tickets. But even though the groundhog predicted an early spring, for now you still have to brave the cold (and crowds) for a night out. A better idea? Stay in the comfort of your own home, and throw a romantic night in to remember. Here’s how:

Start with a clean space.

But don’t turn into a frantic cleaning machine the day of Valentine’s Day. Instead, use one of those popular cleaning schedules that have taken over Pinterest. You can download one that suits your cleaning needs best. Or take your cleaning into the digital age with a cleaning schedule app. A cleaning schedule is like eating an elephant, one bite at a time, and by the time the big day gets here the house will be clean and you can focus on what really matters … which is, of course, food!

The food

If your kitchen doesn’t intimidate you, find a recipe that you’ll both love and go for it! You can save time by ordering your groceries online from HyVee. Either use their drive-thru to toss your order in the backseat and be on your way, or pay a small fee for delivery.

But if your favorite thing to make for dinner is reservations, don’t panic. You can always order your favorite meal to-go, or better yet, choose a restaurant that offers curbside pickup. Choose from The Parthenon, Applebee’s, Olive Garden, or Outback Steakhouse, just to name a few. Services like Doorstep Diner offer a delicious menu to choose from, all brought right to your door. It’s like a pizza delivery, but way classier.

Another option is outsourcing your kitchen duties. Chefs like ChefauChef in Lincoln can be hired to come in your home, take over your kitchen, and serve you a delicious meal, all while leaving your kitchen exactly how they found it. Tell the chef what you’d like, or give them a general idea of your ideal meal and wait for a delightful surprise.


Dessert is essential on Valentine’s Day. And nothing will ever say “I love you” quite like chocolate does. Chocolate covered strawberries are little cliché for Valentine’s Day, but that’s because they taste amazing. Plus, they’re a breeze to make. But if you’re more into not lifting a finger, Edible Arrangements is the perfect solution. Other companies, like The Warm Cookie, deliver treats right to you. And it’s exactly what it sounds like, a warm cookie, also known as Valentine’s Day perfection.

After dessert there’s only one thing to do. Netflix and chill. Sweatpants are ideal, snacking encouraged but not necessary, but absolute relaxation is a must.

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