Little-Known Facts about Nebraska Football

Little-known facts about Nebraska FootballWhether you’re a football fan or not, it’s almost impossible not to get caught up in the Big Red hype. From the red balloon release at home games, to tailgating and belting “There is No Place Like Nebraska” at the top of your lungs—there’s something for everyone to love. We’ve all followed this football season with pride, now let’s take a look at some at some fun Husker facts that will delight your guests at your next watch party.

  • Do you remember Jesse Kosch from the golden era of 1995? Kosch set the NCAA record for fewest punt returns in a season. Five of his punts were returned, with the opposing team gaining 12 yards total.
  • Of course, no list of Husker facts if complete without mentioning Tommie Frazier. Did you know that he had more touchdowns through the air than on the ground? 43 touchdowns were thrown, while 36 were run.
  • We’ve got to give respect the 1890 Husker team. It was the Huskers’ inaugural season, though back then, they were simply known as “Lincoln.” They were undefeated, 2-0, but they also didn’t allow even one point scored.
  • Even though the Huskers officially began in 1890, they didn’t have a coach to lead them until three years later in 1893. The salary? Between $300-$500. Luckily that salary also included room and board.
  • Long before the civil rights movement began, Nebraska was already ahead of the game. George Flippin was Nebraska’s first African America athlete.
  • Bugeaters, Antelopes, Tree-planters, Rattlesnake Boys—do you recognize any of these names? They were some of the first team nicknames before (thankfully) the Huskers stuck.
  • Today we know Nick Saban as the face and coach of Alabama, but back in 1995 he coached Michigan State. Nebraska gave Saban his biggest career loss with a final score of 50-10. That may have been the year he started scowling.
  • From 1961 to 2010 the Nebraska Cornhuskers won 77 percent of their games. So the next time you get a little too hung-up on loss, just think of the bigger picture. That’s quite a history of wins!
  • Lastly, there’s plenty we could say about former coach Tom Osborne, but let’s end with this: Osborne’s winning percentage from his Husker career was .836. says this percentage is “the best mark for any coach in NCAA history over such a span.”



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